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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning units are world leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency. This brand has been present locally for many decades now and has a proven track record of performing well in the harsh Australian climatic environment.

Residential MHIAA split system air conditioners are designed to cool or heat small and medium sized areas and the new series units provide versatile, energy efficient and affordable air conditioning solution for your home. They also claim to have some of the quietest indoor unit operation in the industry, as quiet as 19dB. This was achieved by clever technology innovations such as the multi-angled heat exchanger, larger fan size with modified fin shape that allows better air flow volume to be propelled at lower than usual speeds.

A split system air conditioner that achieves this level of quiet operation is the reverse cycle inverter series air conditioner that ranges from 2.5 kW to 9.2 kW in power output. These units sport an elegant stylish design, high efficiency due to the inverter technology, quiet operation and an easy to remove filter for a quick clean.

As with most other brands on the market,MHIAA air conditioners have a range of multi-head split system air conditioners that provide greater versatility allowing multiple indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. The advantage of these is that the indoor units are not confined to just your standard split system wall mounted look but can also be ducted, floor mounted or even ceiling cassette style and all of these can have different capacities to suit your needs.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted air conditioners are the best way to enhance your living environment providing ultimate comfort. With these air con units, climate control is at the touch of a button. This well regarded brand will ensure cosy times for you and your family in winter and clean cool air flow during summer months since all the models are reverse cycle.

In addition to being reverse cycle (heating and cooling), these ducted air conditioner units are full power inverters giving them the extra energy efficiency when compared to non-inverter brands. Inverter technology varies the system output constantly to maintain the perfect living environment. In addition to its quiet, energy efficient and powerful operation, MHIAA ducted air conditioners are lightweight and compact allowing for easy installation even inside the limited roof space.

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